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We use the market information .we gather to strengthen our relationship with you. With offices in China and abroad, we are able to give you the best information  about when to buy and sell. We are also able to find the product your requirment which is beyond the product showing room shown in this web site, with superior quality and good price.

Hunan Sunrising International Co., Ltd.  , Your partnership choice to success.



Metals Division
Tel: +86-731-82088833 
Paper Division
Tel: +86-731-82088866 
Chemicals Division
Tel: +86-731-82088866
Micronutrients Division
Fax: +86-731-82282618--61
E-Mail: mic@
Foods& Chopsticks Division
Tel: +86-731-82088899
E-Mail: Foods& Chopsticks@ 
Logistic Division
Tel: +86-731-82088878
E-Mail: logistic@
Fax: +86-731-85125758






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